21 September 2011

The Johnstons

This cute family are friends of ours. They have 3 beautiful girls, Emily, Eva, and Violet. I think they should have one more, because obviously it will be a girl, and then they'll be like us!
They are moving soon so i'm glad I was able to do their photos before they leave. Good luck with everything in your new place! We'll miss your faces!

15 September 2011


I entered this photo of my twins into a contest on Rock the Shot. This months challenge is on backlighting, and this was my first time ever working with backlighting! I love the feel of it so i'm excited to experiment more with it! I know it's a long shot but why not try! Besides the prizes are amazing and I so badly want to win the Bohemian Symphony collection! It's on my list. There are some amazing photos over there, you should go check them out!

14 September 2011

Presley and Jayci

These are my beautiful twin girls. As you can tell they are full of personality! They love each other and are always together! They did so great but they just wanted to dance. It was hilarious. After we were done they said "can we dance now?" So I let them dance in the field! I love them, I am so blessed with having twins, as much work as they are! Crazy girls. 

Love them.

12 September 2011

Jayna and Kepler

These two were hilarious. They were so interested in the leaves, sticks and pretty much anything around them. They did so well though and at the end of the shoot Jayna said, "Can we be done now please?" She cracks me up. They are the cutest kids! 

04 September 2011

Emma and Tobin

These are my sister in laws 2 adorable kids. I absolutely loved where we went for this session! It was so much fun. I don't think Emma took a bad picture, what a doll. Tobin on the other hand was a... well a 2 year old boy! Squirmy and goofy. But we did get a few of him! Cute kids eh?

Hunter, Cassidy, Chloe, Ashton

 These 4 are my best friends kids. They did so great! I'm pretty sure Hunter belongs in magazines and they're going to have a hard time keeping the girls away! The rest are too cute for words and are so much fun. They get their good looks from their parents! Their mom is actually a few posts down. Go check her out too!

30 August 2011

Joshua and Shiloh

Today I got to take photos of these little boys. Their mom is expecting again and isn't finding out what she's having, so we'll have to wait and see! Maybe by the time she has the baby I will be getting into newborns and can practice with hers! So boys i'm not used too!! Having 4 girls and no boys, or no brothers I was a little nervous. But they made it so easy for me! They are adorable!
Don't you think?!


Loved them!!
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