30 August 2011

Joshua and Shiloh

Today I got to take photos of these little boys. Their mom is expecting again and isn't finding out what she's having, so we'll have to wait and see! Maybe by the time she has the baby I will be getting into newborns and can practice with hers! So boys i'm not used too!! Having 4 girls and no boys, or no brothers I was a little nervous. But they made it so easy for me! They are adorable!
Don't you think?!


Loved them!!

25 August 2011

First post!

Hi and welcome to my new PHOTOGRAPHY blog!! I'm super excited to get going you have no idea. I wish I could do it all in one day but I'm currently still building my portfolio so please bare with me!

I thought I could share a few of my photos taken this week. I am starting to do back to school photos! Who isn't bored with the typical back to school photos they take? So you think putting their hand under their chin makes it cuter? Not really. So i'm here to help! I'm all about making things a little different and stand out. I took my daughter out to take her photos and I am so in love with them. She was seriously loving every minute of it and could have kept going all day. By the way, i'm all about making things fun, if you can't tell.

I also went out with my friend Becky last night and we drove around town finding places to do pictures, little did she know I was going to use her as my model. She looked hot! She's a natural that's forsure! And also the best friend I could ask for!

See. She's a hottie!
Anyways, this week I am doing a few people's back to school photos so keep checking back! And don't forget to follow me at the bottom of the page! :) 
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