11 January 2013

Favorite Photo of 2012

I LOVE Rock The Shot. It's one of the best forums i've seen, it's so positive and helping and such a great community. Someone is always willing to answer your question no matter what it is! It's so awesome! Not too mention the information the blog provides. They have AWESOME posts!

 Their website is www.rocktheshotforum.com

So they are having a January Photo Challenge and it's for your favorite photo of 2012. So that got me thinking of which photo I love the best from last year. It's so hard to choose but I think one of my favorites has definitely got to be the one I took of my daughter Kyla. I'd been planning this session for weeks and made her accessories. The day I decided to do it, it was going to rain. I did her up and told my husband I was going to run out quick and do these photos! At the last minute I was trying to decide what would make these photos even better. So I had my husband grab my entire vanity and we hauled it out to the trees. It was the fastest and best shoot I had done and she rocked it. She is such a natural infront of the camera. I don't even tell her how to pose, she does it all on her own. It's like watching America's Next Top Model in a child! It's pretty entertaining and a photographer moms DREAM. ;)

 Here is my photo for the entry!

This is still my favorite session I have done up until now and i'm even more excited that it's my own child! ;)
Crossing my fingers I win!
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