16 January 2012

Rock the Shot challenge

It's been a while since I've entered Rock the Shot's monthly challenges but this months I actually love the challenge. It's a self portrait. It's not my favorite thing to post photos of myself but honestly when I do I feel so much better about myself knowing that I can be in front of the camera and not always behind it. I usually throw one of my kids in the picture so it doesn't say "look at me, I think i'm hot!" But i've been trying to get past that, with a little help from my iphone, where the pictures can stay hidden until I get brave enough to post them. I love seeing people post pictures of themselves, it's says they are confident and I love to see their faces too, not just their kids! It's a fear i've been trying to get over because one, I feel better about myself when I take a good picture, and two, I want my girls to remember that mom didn't always wear daddy's t-shirts, a pair of sweats and a messy bun with makeup left over from the night before. Sorry to my poor husband. I do send him my "hot" iphone pics so he doesn't forget I can still look good for him. ha
Anyways, this one I took myself sitting on my floor and I just love the softness of it. Plus my husband said it was the best one.

I used a couple actions from Florabella and a little clean editing. That's one fun thing about taking your own picture, you can photoshop your own face! ha


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  1. so cute min. this pic of you is gorgeous and i totally agree, it does feel weird to post a pic of ourselves sometimes. i sould do it more. I think one pic of me from this year lol. But i love this photo!! ill be sending oyu one of me to edit for sure!! love u sis.


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